Bella Immortelle

Gothic Songstress & Alternative Model

Bella first began writing song lyrics and piano music at age 13. At 17 she took up guitar and today also plays bass guitar and drums. Encouraged by her father to believe that she could pursue a career in anything she wanted she sought to join a rock band …

At the age of 20 she began working as a professional performance/recording artist as lead/rhythm guitarist in London based all-girl rock band “Arcana”. She then went on to take professional vocal lessons with Roger Kain.

On relocating to Devon Bella formed female fronted 80’s metal cover band “Hells Belles” as lead vocalist/guitarist, with guitarist/backing vocalist Karen Blake and drummer Ian Hoare. She joined forces with Ian again a few years later as lead vocalist in punk/rock band “Exhibit A”. He later recruited her for backing vocals and bass guitar on his charity CD recorded at Trendy Cat Studios in 1998.

By this point her powerful heavy metal vocal skills had also caught the attention of Matt Adams, now of “Destruction Preventer”, and for a short spell she was vocalist in his heavy metal band “Outrider”. She then relocated to Hastings as a solo acoustic act where she performed her own unique interpretation of rock/pop covers as well as her own original work under the name “Adryanna Victoria Frances”.

Keen to make a change from rock/metal vocals and leaning more towards gothic/alternative/metal Bella had over the years been writing material using a completely different, pure, and more ethereal vocal style, linked with spoken words & chanting. She formed “Catharsis”, in which various bassists and drummers were a part, until she returned to Devon in 2011. Having until then been a completely self taught guitarist, she became a correspondence guitar student of “Tom Hess Music Corporation” to take her playing to Virtuoso level.

Bella’s haunting vocals and poetic lyrics, combined with melodic guitar that transcends into her unique overdriven rhythm/lead playing, and commanding spoken word, take you to a fairytale world of gothic imagery.

About Bella

Zodiac Sign:  Virgo.

Favorite: Color:  Rainbows (not in any particular order).

Favorite City:  London.

Pet: Luna

Home: A Cellar with a Magickal garden in Darkest Devonshire, England.

Drinks:  Earl Grey Tea, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Champagne & Elder flower Cordial & Water with Lemon.

Food:  Vegetarian.

TV:  The Vampire Diaries.

Movies: The Twilight Saga. The Lord of The Rings, Legend & Bram Stokers Dracula.

Instruments Played:  Piano, Guitar & Vocals

Inspiration:  Horror Movies, Sci-Fi Movies, Goth & Metal Music, Wicca. Spiritualism, Tarot, Angel Cards, Gothic Culture, Occult.

Person I most want to meet:  Dani Filth.